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5 Reasons We Love Betty White

By Sarah

    Betty White. Where do I begin? I have…

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5 Reasons We Love Ian Somerhalder

One weekend last fall I started watching Vampire Diaries on…

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Julianne Hough Dog

Julianne Hough & Lexi + Harley

Could Julianne Hough be any more amazing? At only 25…

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Amanda Seyfried & Finn | Pretty Fluffy

Amanda Seyfried & Finn

Amanda Seyfried and her dog, Finn are the perfect pair….

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Olivia Palermo & Mr Butler | Pretty Fluffy

Olivia Palermo & Mr Butler

I have to admit, until about a month ago I…

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Lauren Conrad & Chloe | Pretty Fluffy

Lauren Conrad & Chloe

Want serious style? Lauren Conrad and her rescue dog, Chloe…

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Sarah Hyland & Barkley Bixby | Pretty Fluffy

Sarah Hyland & Barkley Bixby

I am a huge Modern Family fan. HUGE. I love…

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Princess Mary & Ziggy | Pretty Fluffy

Princess Mary & Ziggy

There was never ever any doubt that I would be…

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Shaynna Blaze & Coco | Pretty Fluffy

Shaynna Blaze & Coco

I’m so excited about today’s post, because I can say…

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Adele and Louie | Pretty Fluffy

Adele & Louie

When I first heard Adele’s cover of the Bob Dylan…

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