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July Desktop Wallpaper

By Serena Faber Nelson

I think we could all use this little desktop wallpaper…

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Friend or Food?

Please Note: This post contains graphic material (text only). I…

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June Desktop Wallpaper

Does this to-do list look familiar to anyone else? About…

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Complete Our Reader Survey and Win $100!

Today is all about YOU here at Pretty Fluffy. We’ve…

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May Desktop Wallpaper

Who else is guilty of this on a Friday night?…

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April Desktop Wallpaper

Here’s to you, goddess of lint rollers. The swift hand…

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March Desktop Wallpaper

We’ve all had those days. Whether it be work, relationships,…

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February Desktop Wallpaper

Now that is love! I would take Coco Bean kisses…

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Our Beautiful Girl

Soda Faber-Nelson 2001 – 2014 On the 29th December, our…

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Merry Christmas from Pretty Fluffy

WITH LOVE Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas…

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