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We’re on House of Harvey!

By Serena Faber Nelson

If Soda was a celebrity who would she be? Get…

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You Asked!

Soda and I are over on I Heart Organizing today…

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Behind the Scenes // 01

Welcome to a fab new monthly column on Pretty Fluffy….

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Merry Christmas from Serena + Sarah

Merry Christmas Pretty Fluffies! From the bottom of my heart…

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We're in Modern Dog Magazine!

To say we’re excited today is a complete understatement. For…

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Behind the Scenes of our First eBook!

For the last few months, Sarah and I have been…

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10 Top Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Following our out of control 2nd Birthday Blogoversary earlier in…

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Outtakes from our Birthday Shoot!

A bit of fun for your morning – what do…

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It's our 2nd Birthday! (And a Surprise Announcemen...

It all started with this post. Since then, we’ve come…

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Guest Posting on Little Bits of Lovely!

Hi Pretty Fluffies! Want your daily dose of all things…

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