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The cutest way to welcome a new puppy home - including homemade dog treat recipes, choosing a puppy bed and capturing your new puppy in precious photos.

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A Welcome Home Puppy Party by Kiss from Fleur

By Serena Faber Nelson

When you think of a puppy¬†party do you think of…

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Arianna Vargas Home Tour - Come inside the home behind the Arianna Belle brand

Arianna Vargas & Little Foot's Pet Friendly Home T...

The name Arianna Vargas is synonymous with style and sophistication….

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A Pet Friendly Nursery | Baby Girl Nursery |

A Pretty Pet Friendly Nursery

From the moment I discovered I was pregnant, creating a…

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Pet Friendly Home Tour - Madeleine Burke of The Daily Mark | Pretty Fluffy

Pet Friendly Home Tour: Madeleine Burke & Wilma

To say Madeleine Burke is a woman of many talents…

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Pet Friendly Home Tour: Stephanie Sterjovski & Ba...

I’m so excited to introduce todays pet friendly home. In…

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Pet Friendly Home Tour | Annika Meling and Baloo the Newfypoo | Pretty Fluffy

Pet Friendly Home Tour: Annika Mieling & Baloo

As a professional photographer and designer, Annika Mieling’s life revolves…

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Jess Lively Home Tour | Pretty Fluffy

Pet Friendly Home Tour: Jess Lively & Franklin

Jess Lively has dedicated her life to living with intention….

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Perfect Pet Friendly Home Tips | Pretty Fluffy

The Perfect Pet Friendly Home

Have you ever sat back and thought about your dream…

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Chic Sprinkles Studio: His + Hers + Coco's

It’s finally ready to reveal, hooray! Welcome to our little…

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