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Senior Dogs: Holistic Hot Spot Remedies

By Serena Faber Nelson

Hot spots can make your dog’s day, week, or even…

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Superfoods for Senior Dogs

7 Superfoods for Senior Dogs

As your pup approaches their golden years, there’s no better…

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Healthy Dog Treat Alternatives - Healthy and Fresh alternatives to processed dog treats | Pretty Fluffy

5 Fresh & Healthy Dog Treat Alternatives

We’ve found 5 fresh and healthy dog treat alternatives to…

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Holiday Foods: The Naughty & Nice Lists

Mmmmm… the holidays. There are so many fun parties and…

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Dog Dental Care: 3 Ways to Look After Your Dog's T...

One of my proudest moments as a puppy mama came…

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3 Healthy Smoothies You & Your Dog Will Love

Who doesn’t love a good smoothie? They’re quick, easy, and…

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Superfoods for Dogs | Pretty Fluffy

7 Superfoods for Dogs

Superfoods for dogs? What do you mean? Well one of…

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Be Tick Aware! 4 Steps to Tick Control in Dogs

When you first get a dog, there are so many…

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Get Happy and Healthy in 30 Days

So here we are at the end of our Fresh…

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10 Simple Ways to Get Happy

To wrap up our Fresh Start series, this week is…

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