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DIY: Floral Dog Wedding Wreath

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DIY: Floral Dog Wedding Wreath

By Serena Faber Nelson

There is nothing quite as pretty as the combination of…

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DIY Wall Banner

We have recently moved into our new home and we…

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Dog Friendly Nursery DIY | www/

A Dog Friendly Nursery DIY

Firstly a BIG thankyou for all the lovely comments and…

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DIY: Revamped Doggy Toy Bins

There are so many awesome storage options available in the…

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3 DIY Holistic Bug Sprays for Dogs

Bugs can be super annoying, not just for us, but…

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The original and best sweet potato pretzel dog treats recipe. Free tutorial includes instructions, photos and how-to make the perfect pretzel!

Sweet Potato Pretzel Dog Treats Recipe

This Sweet Potato Pretzel Dog Treats Recipe is perfect for…

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DIY Dog Birthday Crown | Pretty Fluffy

DIY Dog Birthday Crown

This DIY Birthday Crown is a super fun way to…

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DIY No Sew Dog Collar Sleeves

Yes, I will be the first one to admit that…

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DIY Party Favour Bags - Puppy Party

DIY Doggie Party Bags from Thor's Puppy Shower

Did you fall head over heels for Thor and his…

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DIY: 2 Minute Bunny Ears

Last Easter I posted a photo of Coco Bean wearing…

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