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September Desktop Wallpaper

By Serena Faber Nelson

All you other dog lovers can’t deny!  We thought we…

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August Desktop Wallpaper

I think we can retire the age old saying that…

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July Desktop Wallpaper

I very much love the motto of our latest desktop wallpaper….

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June Desktop Wallpaper

Happy June, Pretty Fluffies! This is an ode to best…

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May Desktop Wallpaper

This one goes out to all the moms out there….

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April Desktop Wallpaper

Well, if I had to describe myself in one phrase,…

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March Desktop Wallpaper

Let’s state the obvious. We are dog lovers, and we…

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February Desktop Wallpaper

Happy February,  Pretty Fluffies! Since the month February is all…

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Happy New Year, Pretty Fluffies! What better way to positively…

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December Wallpaper

You know that one line from your favorite holiday movie…

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