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Behind the Scenes // 04

By Serena Faber Nelson


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Can I ask a favour?

I’m not normally one to get into these kinds of…

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Theo's New Family

I’m sure you recognize one of these cute faces. Yep,…

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How to Help Animals Affected by the NSW Bushfires

Want to help animals affected by the NSW bush fires?…

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Pretty Fluffy Relaunch

Behind the Scenes // 03

OUR NEW LOOK To say this month was a big…

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An Organized Make Up Station

GUEST POST Hello hello Pretty Fluffies! Today I’m over at…

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Behind the Scenes // 02

A sprinkle of this and that with a sneak peek…

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We're on House of Harvey!

If Soda was a celebrity who would she be? Get…

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You Asked!

Soda and I are over on I Heart Organizing today…

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Behind the Scenes // 01

Welcome to a fab new monthly column on Pretty Fluffy….

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