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Whistle Activity Monitor - Fit Bit for Dogs

Review: Whistle Activity Monitor

One of the hardest things about being a dog owner…

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Currently Snacking On: Chickpeas for Dogs

Coco Bean and I are HOOKED on chickpeas. They are…

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A Day with Sunshade by Kathy Lui Photography

This sunny and gorgeous photo session by Kathy Lui Photography…

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DIY: 2 Minute Bunny Ears

Last Easter I posted a photo of Coco Bean wearing…

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Trends: Everything Spring

Spring is here, FINALLY. We are pumped for all of…

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5 Tips for Photographing Shelter Pets

5 Tips for Photographing Shelter Pets, with McGraw...

One of the most successful ways to help shelter pets…

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Pet Friendly Home Tour: Stephanie Sterjovski & Ba...

I’m so excited to introduce todays pet friendly home. In…

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Doggie Toy Basket From Pottery Barn

How genius is this basket? How am I just now…

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April Desktop Wallpaper

Well, if I had to describe myself in one phrase,…

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