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Trick or Treat - Wizard of Oz Halloween!

'Trick or Treat' Wizard of Oz Style with Missy Moo...

One of my favourite movies in the world is The…

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The Pumpkin Patch with Coco Bean

Happy Halloween week, Pretty Fluffies! Last weekend was the first…

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Vitapet Dog Treats | Pretty Fluffy

Giveaway: VitaPet Dog Treats

In our household there are two words that illicit such…

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Giant Pom Pom Dog Toy by East End Best Friend

Giant Pom Pom Dog Toy by East End Best Friend

  Sick of your pup chewing your shoes? Get yourself…

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Lush Prints Personalised Pet Stamps | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Lush Prints Personalised Pet Stamps

I’m not writing this to alarm you, but we’re exactly…

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How to Help Animals Affected by the NSW Bushfires

Want to help animals affected by the NSW bush fires?…

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ID Pet Personalised Dog Toy | Pretty Fluffy

Personalised Dog Toys by IDPet

  Nothing says adorable more than a personalised dog toy…

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FuzzYard Pet Lifestyle 10th Birthday

Happy Birthday FuzzYard!

Happy Birthday FuzzYard! October marks the 10th Anniversary of one…

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Thundershirt - Reduces Anxiety in Dogs

Review: Thundershirt

Earlier this month, Prince Harry came to visit. He didn’t…

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Quilted Enamel Dog Bag by Ted Baker | Pretty Fluffy

Quilted Enamel Dog Bag by Ted Baker

Someone in the Ted Baker design department must really love…

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