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Wrigley the Service Puppy by Allison Shamrell Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Wrigley the Service Puppy by Allison Shamrell Pet ...

For many pet owners, getting a new puppy is a…

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An Organized Make Up Station

GUEST POST Hello hello Pretty Fluffies! Today I’m over at…

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Good Day Dog Collar | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Good Day Dog

A dog’s collar can say a lot about them. So…

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Petal Photography | Sydney Pet Photographer

Pretty Fluffy Welcomes our Sponsors

Wow, can you believe we’re smack bang in the middle…

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Pouf the Pomeranian by Fetchlight Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Pouf! the Pomeranian by Fetchlight Photography

When you’re told a dog’s name is Pouf! with an…

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The Pawsh Print Shop

We’re delighted to announce our friends at Pawsh have opened…

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Mochi & Jolie Dog Watches

I don’t wear watches usually. Call me Gen Y (although…

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Paddington the Corgi by Posh Pets Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Paddington the Corgi Puppy by Posh Pets Photograph...

I like Corgi butts and I cannot lie. So when…

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DGG Winter Collection

Baby it’s cold outside! So to keep your dog as…

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Wet Nose Fotos Pet Photography Workshops

I totally need this. One of our much loved pet…

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