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Labrador Puppy Designer Umbrella by Kelly & Sam

We’ve been all about puppies this week, so I couldn’t…

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New Dog Kit by Wildebeest | Pretty Fluffy

Wildebeest Starter Kit for New Dogs

New dog in your life? There’s no better way to…

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Oscar the Dachshund Puppy by Dana Cubbage Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Oscar the Dachshund Puppy by Dana Cubbage Photogra...

It doesn’t get much teeny-weeny and cute as a dachshund…

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Puppy Proofing your home | Pretty Fluffy

10 Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home

Bringing home a new puppy can be a daunting task….

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Fetching Photos ebook by Charlotte Reeves | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Fetching Photos eBook by Charlotte Reeves

Photography is about catching moments. Taking snapshots of beauty that…

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Pooch Posse Cardigan - Anthropologie | Pretty Fluffy

Pooch Posse Cardigan by Anthropologie

Wear your heart on your sleeve? Then why not wear…

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Golden Retriever by Nicole Begley Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Leila the Golden Retriever by Nicole Begley Photog...

When someone says the word family, so many people will…

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Fundle Pet Sling Review | Pretty Fluffy

Review: The Fundle Pet Sling

Every so often an innovative product comes along that opens…

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Great Gatsby Inspired Pet Accessories

Hands up who has Gatsby fever*? It’s hit me hard….

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Autumn the Australian Shepherd by Charlotte Reeves Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Autumn the Australian Shepherd by Charlotte Reeves...

Ever wonder how those gorgeous dogs that end up on…

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