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Dogs of the Blogs: Puppy Tales

I’m so happy to feature Lisa from Puppy Tales today….

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What's Your Niche? | Pretty Fluffy

What’s your Niche?

What do you say when people ask you to define…

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Bone & Soul Dog Grooming Range | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Bone & Soul from Big Bone

I have to admit, washing the dog has always been…

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Carrie Underwood & Ace | Pretty Fluffy

Carrie Underwood & Ace

Even back in the days when Carrie Underwood was described…

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Are you a Blog Reader or a Skimmer?

Hands up who is guilty of just reading blogs for…

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Springtime Style from Review

Looking to up the fashion stakes on your next Sunday…

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DIY Doggie Luggage Tag | Pretty Fluffy

DIY Doggie Luggage Tag

Nothing is sadder than leaving your favourite pooch behind when…

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Two Brunettes Custom Pet Portraits

I am LOVING these gorgeous Pet Portraits by the Uber…

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What's New at Pretty Fluffy

First up I have to give HUGE shout outs to…

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Welcome Back to Pretty Fluffy!

Why hello there! Remember me?  I was the eternally optimistic…

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