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The Dog Food Secret

It’s the last day of January. How have your New…

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Kiss My Mutt Collars & Leashes

I’m a sucker for cute dog business names, and I…

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Accidents Happen

Many, many years ago when Soda was much younger, and…

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DOGA: Doggie Yoga

Have you ever taken your dog to ‘Doga’ – Doggie…

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Dogs of the Blogs: Pretty Fluffy

Welcome to a new post on Pretty Fluffy: Dogs of…

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Cupcakes - Dog Birthday Party | Pretty Fluffy

DIY Dog Birthday Party : Soda's 10th Birthday!

Last weekend we celebrated a very special dog birthday party…

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Kristin Davis Celebrity Pets | Pretty Fluffy

Kristin Davis & Momma and Sam

One of my most favourite storylines from Sex and the…

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Doggylato - Gelato for Dogs!

One of my favourite things about creating Pretty Fluffy is…

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Top 10 Dog Names

One of my favourite games is coming up with names…

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2011 DIY Pretty Fluffy Contract

Inspired to make 2011 the best year yet for all…

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