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Pretty Fluffy Shop Prints Original Collection // Available at the Pretty Fluffy Print Shop //

It's here! Introducing the Pretty Fluffy Shop

It’s my absolute pleasure to announce that as of today,…

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Ivory Coat Dog Food - Grain free and packed with superfoods |

What's New: Ivory Coat Dog Food

Newly released this month, premium pet supplier Ivory Coat have…

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Southwestern Trends

We are all about patterns and fun designs here on…

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DIY & Tutorials

DIY: Floral Dog Wedding Wreath

DIY: Floral Dog Wedding Wreath

There is nothing quite as pretty as the combination of…

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Mini Quiche Zucchini and Bacon Dog Treats Recipe |

Mini Quiche Zucchini and Bacon Dog Treats Recipe

Hi! My name is Christina Danza, and I’m thrilled to…

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DIY Wall Banner

We have recently moved into our new home and we…

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Home & Living


3 Non-Toxic & Cruelty Free Shopping Tips

Shopping is meant to be fun, but we can understand the…

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Secret Bloggers Business & My Top 7 Blogging ...

Next month Pretty Fluffy will be celebrating our 4th anniversary…

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A Pet Friendly Nursery | Baby Girl Nursery |

A Pretty Pet Friendly Nursery

From the moment I discovered I was pregnant, creating a…

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Style & Photography

German Wirehaired Pointers by Westway Studio

Tomac & Dodge by Westway Studio

When I first saw this session by Westway Studio, my…

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5 Ideas for Spring Pet Photos |

Spring-a-licious! 5 Ideas for Spring Pet Photos

Spring! No other time of the year is more perfect…

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How to Choose a Pet Photographer

How to Choose a Pet Photographer

When you think of how to choose a pet photographer,…

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Regular Columns


October Desktop Wallpaper

SO. TRUE. You could be having the worst day ever,…

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A Kind Heart |

A Kind Heart

I rarely share a lot of personal details on Pretty…

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Dogs are a Girl's Best Friend // Custom Print from the Pretty Fluffy Shop //

Behind the Scenes // 04


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