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Trends: Dog Stationery

It’s no secret. We love dogs, and we love stationery!…

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Behind the Brand: IdPet - A sneak peek behind the scenes with pet brand, IdPet and how in just 2 short years they became the go-to online destination for personalised pet products.

Behind the Brand: IdPet

I love hearing the advice successful entrepreneurs have for those…

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Trends: Brights

Three cheers for warm weather! The sun is finally out,…

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DIY & Tutorials


DIY: Dalmatian Stationery

Here at Pretty Fluffy, we ladies have a fondness for…

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DIY Floral Arrangements At Home

DIY Floral Arrangements At Home

For those playing along at home on Instagram you may…

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Dog Birthday Party by Jenny Karlsson Photography - fun and stylish ideas for your pet birthday party | Pretty Fluffy

A Dog Birthday Party with Heart by Jenny Karlsson ...

I always say we consider pets to be an important…

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Home & Living


Fruit Infused Waters for You & Your Dog

Keeping your dog hydrated during the summer months is key….

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Be a Blogger Boss! Blogging Secrets from the Experts - Tips and Tech Know How to Make Your Blog Stand Out from the Crowd

3 Expert Blogging Secrets to Make You a Blogger Bo...

If you’d told me 5 years ago I’d be making…

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Coco's Picks: Healthy Store Bought Dog Treats

We love making homemade treats for Coco Bean, and 90%…

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Style & Photography

Man's Best Friend by Bitsa Bernard Photography

Man's Best Friend by Bitsa Bernard Photography

To be fair, here at Pretty Fluffy we’ll often talk…

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Rescues turned Pampered Hollywood Dogs! Heart warming story by Fetchlight Pet Lifestyle Photography

Fetchlight Pet Lifestyle Photography: Rescues turn...

I love a rags to riches story, so when this…

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Wee World Adoptables by McGraw Photography

We are always so happy to see photographers and artists…

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Regular Columns

10 Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home | Photo by Chic Sprinkles | Pretty Fluffy

Complete Our Reader Survey and Win $100!

Today is all about YOU here at Pretty Fluffy. We’ve…

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May Desktop Wallpaper

Who else is guilty of this on a Friday night?…

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April Desktop Wallpaper

Here’s to you, goddess of lint rollers. The swift hand…

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